Williamson County Retired Teachers Association Goals

1. Membership - Increase WCRTA's membership to at least 400 by providing more visibility, scheduling social events that attract current and retired educators, increasing our presence in northern Travis County and western Williamson County, conducting pre-retirement seminars, actively recruiting potential members from TRTA at-large list, and increasing publicity of meetings and social events.

2. Legislative - Implement a comprehensive program to improve the Teacher Retirement System of Texas by conducting a legislative candidate forum prior to November elections, building public support through civic engagement within the community, active involvement in the 87th Legislature to increase state contributions for TRS Care, vigorous membership advocacy explaining the impact of current retirement policy, and regular legislative communication soliciting support for real world solutions.

3. Scholarship - Increase awareness of the WCRTA Aspiring Educator scholarships available for graduating seniors through improved communication with all Williamson County high schools and continually searching for more opportunities to offer scholarships to students interested in becoming teachers.

4. Volunteer Service Hours - Increase volunteer service hours of our members by at least 10% encouraging all members to complete and submit their annual reports. (Volunteer Hours Form)

5. Book Project - Continue to expand the book project by encouraging members to implement the project in Williamson County elementary schools.ragraph here.


Williamson County Retired Teachers Association (WCRTA)

The WCRTA works for the benefits and interests of retired school employees.

WCRTA strives to help retired teachers maintain identity with the teaching profession and to further the cause of education. Along with TRTA, WCRTA helps advance the interests and welfare of the retired teachers in the local community. In addition, WCRTA also cooperates with TRTA and other associations of retired school personnel in solving problems of mutual concern.

We also encourage retired school personnel to give voluntarily of their time, talents, training, and experience in the furtherance of education and civic endeavors, and foster good fellowship among retired teachers in Williamson County.

WCRTA is the local unit for the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA). TRTA works full time for the benefits and interests of retired school employees. This includes monitoring and participating in the legislative process and working to both protect and grow your pension benefits.

Please see the Committees tab for the current WCRTA leadership roster.