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Legislative Issues and Activities

WCRTA Legislative Committee

Larry Yawn, Chair

Betty Calcote, Jesus, Chavez, Randall Craig, Sandy Holman, Sue Hudson, Ann Jindra, Melissa Jones, Debbie Leandra, Moppy Miller, Naomi Pasemann, Pam Schultz, Diane Smith, Gene Stokes, Nikki Underwood, Randy Woodley

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TRTA Legislative Updates (Inside Line Newsletter)

Why should Williamson County's State Senator and Representatives be concerned with TRS retirees and their retirement benefits?  Because it's big money!  Williamson County has more than 5,000 TRS annuitants receiving checks totaling between 100 - 250 MILLION DOLLARS per year.  See page 13 of the brochure at the link below.

TRS Economic Impact Brochure ("TRST - A Great Value for All Texans" June 2014)