Table of Contents

  • WCRTA Information/Important Telephone Numbers and Addresses
  • WCRTA Officers and Committees
  • WCRTA Meeting Schedule
  • WCRTA Membership Directory
  • Writing Letters to Elected Official
  • Elected Official Addresses 
  • Volunteer Hours and Reporting Form

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                  ​  TRTA State Officers

                    TRTA District XIII Officers

                    WCRTA List of Past Presidents 

                    WCRTA By-Laws

                    WCRTA Standing Rules (Included in WCRTA By-Laws.)

                    WCRTA Goals

                    WCRTA List of Aspiring Education Scholarship Recipients 

Changes to the 2021-2022 WCRTA Directory

As WCRTA moves into its second 50 years, we are fully embracing technology to present information to you, our members. In a nod to fiscal responsibility, we are reducing the production and printing costs and making the Directory smaller. This year you will find that many of the traditional sections of the WCRTA Yearbook and Directory have been moved from this publication to the WCRTA website ( Moving certain sections of the Yearbook and Directory to the website still allows you access to this important information but at a lower cost to the organization.

We are still publishing the Directory with our membership listing so that your personal information is not published on the internet. Please refer to the Table of Contents to see what information has been published on the WCRTA website.